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Not For Human Consumption


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Not For Human Consumption

Nov 19, 2018

Not For Human Consumption: Your drunken weekly update on all the things! Movies, games, life, and everything in between!  We start off this week fresh from competition and the hangover is strong. Recapping the drinking contest between us and Roast Mortem Podcast that involves the drunkest Matt, 24 beers, and pissing on the floor. The audio of this shit-show will come out later this week for free! Who's next in the NFHC Discord Dome?! Allan, Matt and Dylan discuss the live show from last weekend, Dave gets a surprise late-night visitor, Sex-somnia and a sleep wanking, Allan shares this hangover thoughts on sex and it involves potentially ruined dicks, Eric Kaplan is a monster, A roommate's new phone notification sound, Allan and Dylan's appearance on The Altered Perspective, A salt-overload in Las Vegas, Boneitis recreates a furry wolf Dylan with a huge cock, "Slob Zombie" and a broken nose, Castlevania on Netflix needs your attention, Matt and Dylan live stream after the drinking competition and the audio is amazing, Dylan reviews "Leon: The Professional" while "Avenging Allan Foster" moves on to "Iron Man 2", Do you hear what we hear in this AC/DC song?, "Hey, Look at This!" featuring bellybutton sex commentary, a weird fucking stray cat outside, a presentation on Wakanda, Turkey calling, and Cute sweat on men's butt-cheeks. "What Makes Dave Mad This Week?" featuring Under Pressure Pantera and Vegan vagina eating. Lastly, voicemails featuring a certain Sir.  We close out this week's show with the BRAND NEW track "Distorted Fields" by Failure.

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