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Not For Human Consumption


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Not For Human Consumption

Aug 28, 2018

Not For Human Consumption: Your drunken weekly update on all the things! Movies, games, life, and everything in between! Matt's drinking a six pack of Bud Light because he wants to remember what 18 felt like. Allan and Dave get into an argument over Star Trek movies, but it reveals Dave's go-to fight tactics. He'll call you "a contrarian" and "obtuse" often... try it out! Speakers get blown out in an attempt to drown out Dylan. 

We're officially C.U.N.T.'s! Congratulations to Thought Cops and ourselves for winning The Dick Show's first-ever Podcast Championship. Antoids calls into the show to pledge his allegiance to us and to promote his brand new podcast "Branching Out." Did you know you can hear how bad a crotch smells? Allan guested on the newest episode of Thought Cops to break bread, so I guess we're cool now.

Reminding Dave of his obligation to rap The Communist Manifesto and Dylan hates bathroom attendants. If you ever wondered what it looks like where we record the show, just play the Trevor missions in GTA 5. Starting a GoFundMe for a Dave to get a Playstation because he has face cancer. And can you even speak in italics?

"Hey, Look at This!" features a preacher repeatedly coming, a kid that has to spell a very iffy word in a spelling bee, a guy that's extremely passionate about becoming the Star County Treasurer, and castration by bear trap. 

Dylan reviews Raising Arizona, The Cohen Brothers classic featuring a pre-plastic surgery Nicholas Cage. Do you agree with Dylan's take on this? We hope not.

"What Makes Dave Mad This Week?" is all listener submissions this week! Round 1 is a very strange ASMR-style video of a guy eating a burger. Round 2 is a woman who literally fucks spirits. 

Breaking news this week features Alex Jones and his very spicy search history. The way this was found is incredible, but what was found is even more amazing. Also, a NASA intern loses her job when she tells her Twitter followers to suck her dick AND balls. 

Lastly, a ton of hilarious voicemails. Help us make Cum Line happen! Boners! This week, we end the show with the track "Dream Within A Dream" by LAZERHAWK. 

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