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Not For Human Consumption


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Not For Human Consumption

Aug 21, 2018

Not For Human Consumption: Your drunken weekly update on all the things! Movies, games, life, and everything in between! If you're new to the show, WELCOME! We celebrate this 40th episode milestone HARD, so buckle up. Allan and Dave are given the names "Slow Rogan" and "Hung Jamie" respectively. Dave has to give a sincere apology for his drunken behavior last week, even though it was mild in comparison to anything Allan has done in the past. 

We talk about how bad Maddox lost both in the past and during the week. We used his voting system for the Super Podcast Champion Edition Turbo competition, but someone used bots to 'enhance' the votes. Either Maddox locked the polls or the bots broke it. While this is going on, Dick Masterson took back the iTunes feed Maddox was using and added a special message to the newest episode of The Best Debate In The Universe. As for the competition, the results are in! We recorded this episode before anyone knew who won. Allan went on episode 116 of The Dick Show to discuss the results. Maybe we're on now, check it out! 

How much more of a life are vegans going to have in comparison to use meat eaters? Dead animal is delicious. Matt tricks a vegan co-worker into eating a meat-filled burrito. Allan is pretty clueless when it comes to soy products, but Dave seems to be pretty OK with that worthless sustenance. 

There's tons of murder in video games, but hardly any sex. Even when there is a hint of banging it's super mild. Dave seems to remember a scene in 'GTA: Vice City' that featured a decent scene, but the jury is out on this still.

Dylan's on his Meriod this week. The Blue Martini nightclub in Vegas is apparently the place to be on a Thursday night. He witnesses real-time #MeToo-ing that turns into making out. Finally, we get some "Shiver Me Tinders" that's a rollercoaster of a time. 

Allan and Dylan record a bonus episode and they talk a bunch of shit about Dave. He'll never hear what we said because he's subscribe to our Patreon. 

Almost all of us are now deep into Street Fighter V. Matt coaches Allan and Dylan while spectating. Hang out with us if you're on Playstation 4! Also, The Death of Superman, Matt's waifu and the anime series he endorses. 

"Hey, Look at This!" is action packed this week! Featuring a child demanding money, a VHS tape that teaches women how to defend themselves against rapists, biting the dick off terrorists,a guy explaining why women should seek men with long hair, and brake checking a girl dancing while she dances next to a slow moving car. 

For "What Makes Dave Mad This Week?" we've got a Vegan tasting his out cum to see what it tastes like and The Social Justice Warrior Song. 

At last, Allan answers to The Garlic Challenge. Many episodes ago, Allan ate two raw garlic cloves on the show. Charlie, a listener of the show and FB Group member, ate twelve cloves on a Facebook Live and challenged Allan to eat more than him. Can he eat thirteen cloves without dying?

Finally, some excellent voicemails. Boners! We close out this week's show with a track from Grey Joy called "If There's a Heaven, I'll Surely Be Burning" 

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