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Not For Human Consumption


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Not For Human Consumption

Jul 24, 2018

Not For Human Consumption: Your drunken weekly update on all the things! Movies, games, life, and everything in between! 'Stone Cold' Steve Dylan joins us once again in the studio, We start out this week with a game of "Strip Meteorology" and Shirtless Dave flexing on Allan. Drunk cooking, wasted nachos, ruined segments and "because I was drunk." DO NOT (definitely do this) try to scare Dylan, The ups and downs of our Vegas travels, Allan rebuilds a burnt bridge and is going to Atlanta, 311 makes dicks invert, Eating The Rhino and heart Palpatines. "Hey, Look at This!" that'll make your asshole whistle and tuna box stink, featuring Pearl Jam and Sean Connery. Dylan has a special message for Star Wars fans. "What Makes Dave Mad This Week?" featuring Pantera played with recorders and a thirst for blood. Lastly, some great voicemails. We close out the show this week with a BRAND NEW track by The Anix called "Black Space."

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The Anix

Make yo' asshole whistle

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