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Not For Human Consumption


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Not For Human Consumption

Jun 19, 2018

Not For Human Consumption: Your drunken weekly update on all the things! Movies, games, life, and everything in between! Back by popular demand: Another Friday Night shit show! Dylan's wearing his invisibility glasses, Dave's dick requires panoramic mode for pics, Watching a movie you enjoyed twice just to see why you didn't hate it, Sex on women rather than with them, Allan was a guest caller in episode 106 of The Dick Show. A bit more on Conan Exiles, Mortal Kombat, and confirmation that Destiny 2 is dead to all of us. Trolling Steve from 'There Can Be Only One Podcast', Dave has a new fan from Russia, Being Alt-Moderate/Extreme Center, Captain Picard Day and an amazing remix, A possible new segment "What The Foster" featuring Allan's drunk ramblings and a tutorial on how lady parts work, "Hey, Look at This!" with more Jake, a pizza addiction and freestyle rap, This week Dylan AND Dave review old fucking movies: Dave does Bronson and Dylan does American History X, "What Makes Dave Mad This Week?" featuring another explanation of the rules, a Phil Anselmo remix, and 'feederism'. Another fine installment of "Wittmann Breaking News" and finally some fantastic voicemails that change the outcome of "WMDMTW". We close out this week's show with a track by Teenage Wrist called "Dweeb". 

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Teenage Wrist

The Dick Show Episode 106 - Dick on Going To Greenland