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Not For Human Consumption


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Not For Human Consumption

Mar 13, 2018

Not For Human Consumption: A show about everything and nothing. Kevin from "There Can Be Only One Podcast" hangs out with us this week as we delve into our first "True Crime" episode. Allan tells the story of an actual crime he witnessed, Dylan's first attempt at "Matt is Wrong" almost fails, forgetting you went to get mexican food, DJ's are magicians, Matt cried after losing in Street Fighter, Is "The Kindgom of The Crystal Skull" as bad as you remember?, Shia LaBeouf and Sean Connery career mistakes, Will Dylan still have friends after his "Star Wars 'A New Hope'" review?,  Collecting your neighbors seed and more for "What Makes Dave Mad This Week?". We end this week with "Murder By Death" and their song "Spring Break 1899

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Dylan's movie homework: Star Wars Episode V "The Empire Strikes Back"

Murder By Death

There Can Be Only One Podcast

Metsu by Matt Nisbet

Tracy Kiss Benefits of Eating Semen

Joshua Feuerstein Dear Mr Atheist Part 2

Find your Crystal's Gender with Tree