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Not For Human Consumption


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Not For Human Consumption

Feb 6, 2018

Not For Human Consumption: A show about everything and nothing. With Dave still abroad, we have Kevin and Stephen from 'There Can Be Only One' in the studio to hang out and tell us about their podcast. The bible isn't a graphic novel, we play a deathmatch game (Our own take on 'There Can Be Only One'), measuring with 'Dylons', Best Buy will no longer sell CDs, Bench-pressing people, Allan (Adam?) narrates Kevin's El Paso trip, Dog Viagra and Stephen's dog talents, An otter turns into a wolf, Road trips with people you don't know, How to scare off Mormon Missionaries, Dave's past life theories, 'Lebensborn' and the 1936 Olympics, The Fitness Challenge is officially booked and has Al Qaeda bars, Faking it like a gentleman, Dylan gives his movie review for 'Lethal Weapon' and Allan doesn't want to see Danny Glover's dick, Matt and Stephen talk Robocop, Dudes in your Tinder feed, Frontmen saying stupid things between songs, and some Flat-Earth nonsense. We end this week's episode with the song "Unsaid" by "Flor". 

Stephen has called out Cole! Cole can bench press Dylan, but Stephen wants to bench press Cole. 

Dylan's movie homework this week: Lethal Weapon 2


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